Data Center Lessons From The UK Heatwave

Servers waving in the heat

Posted on Monday, July 30, 2018

An unusually warm summer across Great Britain and the rest of Europe has raised some important questions for IT directors. Although the temperatures recorded are not unusual on other continents, European engineers are not used to dealing with 50 degree plus fluctuations between Winter and Summer.

Here are three things you need to consider:

Hard drives hate heat

The number one cause of hard drive failure is heat. The warmer your data center, the greater the failure rate of hard drives.

You must have access to a reliable supply of OEM-approved spares so that repairs can be completed as quickly as possible, especially as the increased temperatures will mean you have to replace more drives than normal.

Check your HVACS system in advance

Given the size of your data estate – and the arrays on which they are stored – drive failures could have a significant negative effect on performance. It is vital that your data centers are properly cooled to ensure operating temperatures are kept within acceptable limits at all times.

You should ensure that HVAC systems are working correctly before summer each year, and it may be worth having them checked again before the next heatwave.

Have a reliable partner on hand

This increased demand for hardware maintenance services also coincides with the traditional summer holiday period – which means that your data center staffing levels may be reduced. As well as ensuring you have sufficient spare hard drives on hand, you should choose a maintenance partner who can provide sufficient engineers to replace them too.

Indeed, partnering with CDS solves issues with both the spare parts supply and on-site maintenance services, which allows your truncated team to focus on strategic projects rather than struggling to “keep the lights on”.

For more information and advice on how CDS can help your business manage the summer heat effectively, please get in touch.

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