How the Cloud Will Finally Kill Your IT Data Center (Maybe)

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Posted on Wednesday, July 25, 2018

The current hype around digital transformation and using cloud services to build a more flexible business model means that many experts believe the cloud will kill the concept of a traditional on-site data center. In many ways, their arguments are compelling; lower capital costs, infinite expansion capacity, automated load balancing and dynamic resource allocation, for instance.

Yet despite these obvious benefits, some businesses will hold out, maintaining an on-site data center for as long as possible. But OEM strategies could see these stubborn CTOs forced to make the migration regardless.

Shifting priorities force cloud adoption

OEMs are well aware of the challenges cloud platforms present for their own businesses. As a result, most have experimented with building and reselling their own cloud infrastructure, but with little success.

Others like HP and IBM are re-focusing their strategies on the provision of cloud applications and services. Their aggressive growth plans are intended to coincide with a corresponding fall for traditional on-site storage arrays.

Some, like NetApp, have partnered with third-party providers (particularly Amazon AWS) to sell their management and stacks as a premium option for subscribers. The idea is to make the hosted system so familiar that off-site transition completes smoothly.

And as their strategic focus changes, so too does the service provided to “legacy” customers. All of the major vendors are restructuring internal resources to focus on cloud projects– and scaling back the support department to keep costs low. 

For on-site data centers this change of strategy is a disaster. Obtaining timely, relevant, informed support will become even harder simply because there are not enough people available to deal with your support needs.

Which is how your business could finally be forced to migrate to the cloud– whether you want to or not. Unless you choose a third-party provider like CDS who can help to maintain your storage arrays as the OEM’s support desk continues to shrink. 

To learn more about this service and how CDS will help you maintain complete control of your own data center strategy, please give us a call.

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