Who Really Uses Post-Warranty Support?

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Posted on Thursday, June 21, 2018

Third-party and post-warranty support services are gaining in popularity as more businesses ditch traditional OEM contracts. With the promise of reduced costs and increased flexibility, these third-party services look very attractive.

But who actually uses third parties like CDS? Here are two groups we’ve identified.

The platform defectors

The decision to migrate storage vendors is both complex and expensive. And in most cases, these projects are undertaken at the end of the maintenance period for the arrays that are to be replaced. 

Because of the length of these migration programs, it is not unusual for the OEM’s support contract to end before the new platform goes live. During this critical juncture it is imperative that support and maintenance continues as normal, but when dealing with an OEM, that means taking out a whole new agreement that lasts a minimum of one year– well beyond the end date of the migration project.

Third-party support from CDS provides a much better option, however. Our flexible approach to contracts means that we are able to offer far shorter agreements that cover your storage arrays until migration is complete (or beyond if required), so you never pay for coverage that isn’t used.

The cost-controllers

Once an array is declared end of service life (EoSL), your business will be unable to obtain maintenance services from the OEM directly. But given that these arrays continue to perform perfectly well, it makes little business sense to replace them.

Many CDS customers find that they can extract additional return on their storage investments by keeping them in play for longer– even if that means using equipment beyond EoSL. And with maintenance from CDS, these businesses know that they can have the same 4-hour on-site engineer support they are used to– even for older hardware.

CDS provides the services these businesses need (including spare parts) to keep their systems running and to better control operating costs. 

Obviously, there are many other reasons why businesses choose third-party support for their infrastructure– but these are two of the most common. To learn more about what third-party maintenance offers your business, please get in touch.

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