The Hidden Agenda of Third-Party Maintenance

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Posted on Monday, June 25, 2018

As children we are taught that some things are too good to be true. So, when it comes to third-party storage maintenance from CDS and the lower annual cost, we know that there must be something going on.

These suspicions are correct. CDS does have a hidden agenda.

The awful truth

So, what is this terrible secret? That the goal of every support service we offer gives you complete control of your hardware lifecycle. We want to help all of our customers extract maximum return from their storage, server and network investments, and to define their own upgrade and migration cycles.

The problem is it’s not CDS who are keeping the secret. It’s the OEMs who don’t want you to know about our “hidden agenda."

The best hidden agenda ever?

CDS specialize in support and maintenance for post-warranty storage from a range of vendors, including Dell EMC, HPE, IBM, Oracle and Cisco (among others). Instead of being forced into an upgrade because your vendor no longer supports your product, CDS can offer an equivalent (or better) service to keep systems in place for up to five more years.

This means that your business can extend the period between upgrades, giving additional returns from your investments. It also allows you to retire hardware at the point that it stops performing according to your needs, rather than the point at which your OEM decides.

Is third-party maintenance too good to be true? No, the promises of reduced maintenance costs and high quality support are real– just take a look at our case studies for proof of how some businesses are already winning.

To learn more about our “hidden” agenda, and how third-party support and maintenance services can help your business regain control of your data storage strategy, please get in touch.

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