You’re Doing IT Wrong If Legacy Systems Waste Resources

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Posted on Wednesday, June 27, 2018

A recent study by Vanson Bourne discovered that 89% of businesses do not update their legacy systems with live data. Instead, these systems are kept online purely for accessing old data. 

So far, no surprise.

30% of those questioned, however, said that leaving these systems online ‘tied up IT resources that could be better employed on digital transformation or other strategic activities.’ The report goes on to state:

IT companies regularly charged a premium for supporting old software and hardware, and internal support costs could also be higher if there were fewer people on the IT team with knowledge of the application, or with the legacy skills required to fix problems when they arose.

Making legacy systems work for you

Looking at these factors, it becomes clear that one-third of IT managers are approaching the issue of legacy data storage systems from the wrong angle. If these systems remain in place purely for archiving and retention purposes, they should not be stealing resources and budget from strategic projects. 

Instead, IT managers should be using low-cost outsourcing to handle older hardware. By partnering with a post-warranty expert like CDS, managers have immediate access to the skills (and spare parts) needed to keep systems running without affecting their strategic projects. They also avoid the costly mark-ups applied by OEMs for supporting post-warranty hardware: CDS maintenance contracts are typically 30-50% less than the OEM equivalent.

Older data storage systems are still important, whether your business uses them solely for keeping legacy data online or as part of your big data resources. Although there are cloud platforms available to help reduce the burden on internal IT infrastructure, the cost and disruption of migration cannot easily be justified.

Your aging storage systems will still have a role to play for the foreseeable future.

To learn more about using legacy hardware properly without negatively affecting your strategic IT projects, please give us a call.

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