What Happens When Dell EMC Cancels a Product Line?

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Posted on Wednesday, May 30, 2018

News broke last week that Dell EMC is planning to ‘simplify’ their product ranges. Since Dell acquired EMC there have been a number of overlaps in the newly combined portfolio, and this rationalization should help to create more consistency.

It was little surprise this week to hear that the ScaleIO and XtremeIO product families will be merged. This follows Dell EMC’s decision to make PowerMax their high-end array solution, and PowerVault becoming the default for mid-range storage.

But what does this mean for customers who own one of the soon-to-be-retired arrays?

Don’t panic!

The retirement of a product line simply means that there will be no new developments in future. Existing maintenance contracts and support agreements will continue to be honored until they expire.

Most importantly, your storage operations will not be affected in any way. Existing arrays will continue to function even after production of your chosen product line ends.

The only problem you may face is in relation to spare parts availability. Once a product line stops rolling off the production line, parts manufacturing also stops.

Get ready for the hard sell

The flipside of a product line retirement is that resellers come under increased pressure to cross-sell customers onto whatever the replacement product line may be, which means that Dell EMC customers can expect to receive increasingly frequent contact from their account managers in the coming months as more retirements are announced.

Plan ahead

Regardless of any claims from salespeople, there is no reason to replace existing arrays until your strategy calls for it. Well-maintained systems will continue to operate perfectly for three to five years beyond official end of service life.

You will, however, have to change your maintenance provider. CDS can provide ongoing support for cancelled Dell and EMC storage product lines. And with a multi-million-dollar parts inventory, we also have the spares you need.

For more information about upcoming storage product retirements, or our post-warranty support services, please get in touch.

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