How to Use Third-Party Storage Maintenance to Win Friends on the Board

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Posted on Tuesday, April 24, 2018

To win support for new projects (and budget increases), the CTO needs to demonstrate mastery of the existing IT infrastructure, and more specifically, that they can maximize value from the systems they control.

One great way to establish proof of your competence is through the use of third-party storage hardware maintenance services.

Creating cost savings

No matter how altruistic your corporate mission statement may be, most strategic decisions will boil down to cost control and maximizing return on investment. Fortunately, third-party storage support can help with both.

First, ditching your OEM maintenance contract allows you to choose a more cost-effective service from CDS. Second, a third-party provider like CDS also supports post-warranty storage, allowing you to keep existing assets in play for longer, thereby increasing the return on original investment.

Who will you win over? The CEO and the CFO.

Planning for the future

Saving money on existing storage assets is crucial to freeing up budget for re-investment in strategic projects. The more you can reduce operational costs, the more you have available for those projects that will help push the business forward.

Who will you win over? The CEO and the CIO.

Expanding IT options

With additional budget available for strategic projects, the CTO can start purchasing the specific systems and services required by other departments. Your business will have the necessary funds required to invest in a new CRM system, or to improve big data analytics provisions, or to build new customer-facing self-service tools.

Who will you win over? The COO, CMO and the CAO.

Sharing success

Savings on storage support may be relatively small in the company-wide budget – but they can have a significant effect on the rest of the business. By choosing the right maintenance provider for your storage hardware, you can help your organization reach its strategic goals – which will help win support with the board for your next major project.

To learn more about winning friends on the board (and securing OEM-class support for your storage assets), please contact us.

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