3 NetApp Mistakes Your Competitors Are Making

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Posted on Monday, April 9, 2018

One of the best ways to develop a competitive advantage is to learn from the mistakes of your competitors. Every operation- including your NetApp data storage infrastructure- presents opportunities to improve.

Here are three mistakes your competitors are making with their NetApp storage strategy:

1. Retiring NetApp storage too early

The longer you keep storage in play, the greater your return on initial investment. End of Service life does not mean that your arrays will suddenly stop working. Your competitors are throwing away money and opportunities by replacing equipment too quickly.

Redeploying post-warranty assets provides an opportunity to increase ROI, lower TCO, increase overall infrastructure capacity, and to boost the performance of legacy systems.

2. Renewing support contracts with NetApp

By renewing support contracts with NetApp directly, your competitors are limiting how they use storage. Use of equipment must comply with NetApp’s guidelines, or support provisions may be withdrawn.

Instead, your business should consider renewing with a third-party NetApp support provider who places no restrictions on how you choose to use your own assets. This will allow you to build out infrastructure that supports business goals, rather than meeting vendor demands.

3. Maintaining a homogenous infrastructure

OEMs promise that maintaining a homogenous network improves performance and reliability. Your competitors who are committed to NetApp will always choose to deploy systems recommended by NetApp.

But to achieve maximum flexibility as demanded by the agile, digitally-transformed business, you need freedom to choose the best systems from all vendors. By choosing an impartial third-party provider of storage maintenance, you can choose the assets you need and obtain support for them all from one place. Support is much simpler (and cost-effective) and you get to build a system that suits your strategy.

Claiming your opportunities

None of these mistakes will destroy your competitors, but they do offer you a chance to improve your own operations and cut costs- which frees up cash for investment in other strategic projects.

To learn more about third-party NetApp storage support and maintenance, please get in touch.

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