Why Local Storage Will Never Truly Die

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Posted on Tuesday, April 17, 2018

The rapid uptake of cloud services and storage have led many to assume that the on-site data center is doomed. But the truth is that localized storage will never completely die out.

Not because of IoT

The issue of latency at the edge is well-documented, presenting perhaps the biggest challenge to the future of smart technologies. The development of 5G (and beyond) cellular networks will go some way to providing necessary bandwidth for moving data into the cloud for real-time processing.

Over time, network bandwidth will reach the point where edge storage is no longer required.

Paranoia-level security

The security systems protecting cloud storage data centers are improving. Indeed, most employ cutting-edge intelligent safeguards that are beyond the budgetary capacity of most firms.

But there are some situations where storage must remain offline, physically disconnected from the rest of the world. Intelligence databases and the most sensitive financial data is ‘air-gapped,’ rendering it inaccessible externally; the ultimate security protection against loss or theft.

Under no circumstances will these systems ever be connected to a network that may expose an external connection. No matter how well encrypted traffic and data is, the cloud remains wholly unsuited to these applications. This means that local storage will always have a role to play - even if most data centers do eventually migrate to the cloud.

Local data centers and storage will always be around and have a critical role to play, even as cloud storage options continue to exist.

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