You’ve Already Got Third-Party IBM Software Support– Why Not Hardware Too?

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Posted on Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Third-party support for software is a growth industry as businesses try to regain control of their data centers by exiting the OEM’s perpetual upgrade cycle. Companies like Rimini Street (Oracle) and Origina (IBM) already help their customers save a vast sum every year by providing a credible maintenance service at a fraction of the cost of renewing with the vendor.

Cutting through the misinformation perpetuated by OEMs, these third-party support adopters have realised several benefits. Obviously, maintenance contracts are significantly cheaper than those offered by the vendor. More importantly however, third-party IBM support is available for products that have been officially retired.

The custom contract myth

Some larger customers are able to negotiate custom post-warranty deals with their vendors, but these tend to be on a “best efforts” basis– the OEM will try to resolve issues, but there is no guarantee of a fix, or of new patches being written to resolve issues.

Where the vendor has been “restructuring” their legacy support departments, this may mean that they simply do not have the skills in-house to maintain old versions of their software. If this is the case, customers are pointed towards knowledge base articles, leaving them to resolve the issue themselves.

Money for nothing

The same problems plague the hardware industry. For IBM customers using post-warranty systems, it is highly unlikely they will successfully negotiate a custom support contract, which means that they too will often end up troubleshooting and resolving issues themselves.

The good news is that third-party IBM hardware support exists too. By partnering with CDS you gain access to highly skilled IBM-trained engineers who do have the knowledge and skills required to support post-warranty servers and arrays. Importantly, CDS also maintain a stock of OEM-approved parts for post-warranty IBM systems, ensuring you have access to spares that IBM themselves may not supply.

Combining third-party IBM software and hardware support could be an important step towards reclaiming control of your operating environment – and helping to contain operating costs. To learn more about post-warranty support services from CDS, please get in touch.

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