What’s going on at NetApp – and how can you protect your business?

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Posted on Tuesday, March 20, 2018

A quick look at the news headlines regarding NetApp reveals two key trends. First, the NetApp share price has risen significantly against analyst expectations following release of a positive earnings report. But all is not well behind the scenes as the firm is in the process of making dozens of employees redundant – the third workforce shakeup in two years.

A sign of the times?

Industry analysts predict that the storage market will continue to shrink in line with the explosive growth of cloud services. For hardware OEMs like NetApp, this will mean a hard fight for an ever-decreasing slice of the storage pie.

Naturally, this means that NetApp needs to reduce operating costs to protect profit margins. But they plan to further grow the business too. Something will have to give.

Will NetApp support suffer?

Looking at the experience of other firms that have significantly restructured their workforce, like IBM, support provisions are one of the first units to be reduced. The obvious outcome of this strategy is a decline in the quality of support provided to customers.

In the event that sales volumes do grow, the number of customers accessing the limited support resources will stretch capacity. And quality of support will decrease across the board.

Guaranteeing high quality NetApp support for your business

For forward-thinking businesses, the smart move is to reconsider support provisions before quality of support is affected. Industry trends would suggest that your only option is to join the rush to the cloud, reducing reliance on on-site storage hardware.

But you do have another option that is both cheaper and more flexible – Computer Data Source (CDS). CDS NetApp support can cost up to 70% less that the OEM equivalent! And because we are focused solely on support and maintenance, we guarantee a higher quality service. And because our customer base is smaller, you won’t lose out to other service users.

So, whatever the future holds for NetApp, your business will still have access to the storage support you need to keep systems up-and-running. To learn more about protecting your future, please get in touch.

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