US Hospital Migrates From EMC to NetApp - What Can You Learn?

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Posted on Wednesday, March 14, 2018

JFK Medical Center in New Jersey has recently completed a high-profile storage migration from Dell EMC to NetApp. The fairly well publicized move comes as part of ongoing efforts to simplify storage infrastructure and reduce costs.

Explosive growth drives an upgrade

According to quotes from the director of IT infrastructure, storage requirements for the health care centre have been increasing at 20-30% each year. They expect storage demands to reach 2PB by the end of 2018.

Dell EMC were approached to provide a quote to replace the existing infrastructure with all flash storage. But when the cost estimate topped $2.75 million for a single data center, management began looking elsewhere.

NetApp is more competitive

NetApp provided a far lower quote, coming in at $1.8 million. Unlike Dell’s estimate, this one covered the upgrade of both data centers operated by JFK Medical Center. A potential bill of $5.5 million was more than halved, simply by switching vendors.

The IT team were also impressed by the NetApp management system, which was felt to offer superior ease of use over the existing Dell EMC tools.

How can your business manage the NetApp transition?

When conducting a migration to NetApp, the OEM will provide plenty of assistance with installation and support of the new equipment. But what about the arrays which you are migrating from?

Where you have a current maintenance contract in place, the other vendor will continue providing support. They will not however assist with migrating data to the new infrastructure. And if your contract has expired, you can expect no help at all.

Fortunately, CDS can assist with your NetApp migration. We can provide a bridging service between vendors for instance. And we are post warranty NetApp support experts, providing short-term support coverage for the hardware being retired.

CDS can help to make the transition to a new NetApp storage infrastructure smoother – even if your hardware is now EoSL. To learn more about what we offer, please get in touch.

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