Dell EMC Data Domain – Your Most Valuable Network Asset?

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Posted on Monday, March 5, 2018

When it comes to defining the most valuable IT asset, most CTOs suggest that the all flash arrays used in their primary storage are among the most valuable. And undeniably, speed of data access is crucial to efficient business operations.

But given the sheer volume of data being stored and processed by most organizations however, your most important asset may actually be your Dell EMC Data Domain deduplication appliance.

Improving performance

No matter how responsive your flash array, moving duplicate data is a waste of processor cycles. Duplicate, unwanted data steals resources and slows down operations.

This latency may be minimal, but it will always prevent systems from operating at maximum speed. By stripping duplicates, your Data Domain appliance plays a crucial role in increasing overall performance.

Lowering costs

The most obvious benefit of Data Domain appliances is a reduction in cost; the more duplicate files you remove, the more capacity you have available for storing “real” data. But the performance and efficiency benefit discussed above also has a real term return that should not be ignored.

Keeping your Dell EMC Data Domain appliance running

Data deduplication may not be sexy or exciting – but it does add genuine value to your IT operations. Your Dell EMC Data Domain appliances should not be neglected or downgraded in importance.

This is not to say that a post warranty appliance should be retired or upgraded. Most businesses will find that their Data Domain units continue to function adequately even after Dell EMC withdraws support. And with the assistance of CDS and our Dell EMC Data Domain third party maintenance service, you can keep realizing value from your deduplication investment for many years to come.

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