What is the future of IoT? Watch APAC says Dell EMC.

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Posted on Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Dell EMC has announced that IoT sales have breached the $1bn mark for the first time in the APAC region. According to the OEM, this milestone moment is down to increased interest in intelligent sensors and smart city projects across Asia and the Pacific.

Dell’s global IoT income measured just over $3bn last year, highlighting the importance of the region. As Dell EMC subsidiary VMWare’s CTO Ray O’Farell said last year:

Organisations in APAC are keen to realise the potential benefits of IoT, which is driving market growth faster than other regions. With a $583bn market opportunity by 2020, Asia is set to be the hub of IoT.

APAC leads the way

Both Dell EMC and HP are keen to exploit this enthusiasm for IoT. Indeed, Dell are set to invest $1bn in IoT research and development over the next three years.

For CTOs in North America and Europe, the $1bn milestone is not just a number. The explosive growth of interest in IoT in APAC means that their technical counterparts will face – and solve – many of the most pressing IT issues first.

CTOs must watch closely

Particularly pressing is the issue of the volumes of data generated by IoT, and how it is stored and processed with minimal latency. As early adopters, CTOs in the APAC region will need to find a cost-effective solution to this paradox.

IoT will inevitably take off across the globe, so the solutions developed in Asia will be of significant importance. CTOs will need to pay close attention to each development, and how they can be replicated in their own project – otherwise they may never achieve the full potential of smart sensor technologies.

It is highly likely that whatever form these new IoT deployments take, the traditional on-site data center will still have a role to play.

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