Dell EMC promise VXBlock customers 640% - but are they being short changed?

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Posted on Friday, February 16, 2018

Hyper-converged systems like the Dell EMC VXBlock range offer customers a number of advantages. By commoditizing storage, processing and networking into modular units, CTOs can quickly add capacity with minimal additional effort.

Dell EMC has tried to quantify the many potential savings. According to their calculations, each VXBlock 1000 system generates an ROI of up to 640% over the course of its five-year lifespan.

Some impressive figures

This impressive ROI is possible through a variety of factors. Hyper-convergence results in fewer components that need daily administration for instance, reducing lifecycle administration time by 75% over traditional non-converged systems.

Dell EMC also report physical advantages. With all the necessary components built into a single unit, rack space requirements are reduced by 60%.

As Dell EMC Storage Division president Jeff Boudreau said, “When customers deploy CI, what they are really looking to do is invest in technology that removes data center cost while, ultimately, improving outcomes.”

But wait, there’s more

These ROI savings are startling, providing a powerful incentive for cost-conscious CTOs. But Dell EMC’s calculations are on the deliberately low side.

By specifying a five-year lifespan on the VXBlock product range, Dell is assuming that customers will adhere to the OEM’s profits-motivated upgrade cycle. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Using a third party support provider like CDS, the lifespan of VXBlock hyper-converged systems can be extended by a further three to five years. And the longer these systems remain In place, the greater the return on investment - particularly when third party maintenance contract costs are as much as 70% less than the OEM equivalent.

Clearly this is great news for CTOs committed to an on-site, hyper-converged data center. 640% ROI is already very impressive - but the potential savings could be even greater by avoiding unnecessary upgrades and associated disruption.

To learn more about increasing the return on your Dell EMC VXBlock investments with third party maintenance services, please get in touch.

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