How 3rd Party Storage Support Will Change Your Life (For The Better)

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Posted on Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Although the main benefits of third party storage support are targeted at business, the CTO stands to gain personally too. Here are three ways that rejecting costly OEM support helps you win.

1. Less stress

OEM support is very expensive, eating into the corporate IT budget, and forcing economies and efficiencies to be made elsewhere. Constantly juggling finances is a major cause of lost sleep for CTOs so anything that reduces that stress is welcome.

Offering savings of up to 70% on equivalent OEM services, third party storage hardware support frees up finances quickly and easily. So the CTO can focus on technical issues, not paperwork.

2. More personal development opportunities

The less money spent "Keeping the lights on", the more is available for investing in strategic projects. And it is these new projects, using new technologies, where IT staff have an opportunity to develop new skills and experience.

If OEM support consumes too much of your budget maintaining legacy systems, your personal development suffers, limiting career opportunities and job satisfaction.

3. Improved reputation

By cutting costs and pushing forward with strategic projects that deliver genuine business value, the CTO immediately enhances their standing with the rest of the board. Choosing a credible, effective third party maintenance provider is a great career move, confirming that the CTO knows exactly what they are doing - and that they have the best interests of their organization at heart.

Choosing OEM support is often seen as the "safe bet" - and at the surface level, maintaining the status quo may indeed be easier. But once the contract has been signed, the headaches do not disappear. They may actually get worse.

3rd party support – a smart move for everyone

Third party support delivers an OEM-quality service, at a fraction of the cost. Which relieves many of the day-to-day stresses experienced by the CTO. In fact, every one wins - at the corporate and personal levels.

To learn more about third party maintenance and how it benefits you, please get in touch.

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