Speeding Up Your Data Center – Part II

ways of speeding up your data centre

Posted on Thursday, December 7, 2017

As discussed previously, data center complexity has a major effect on system performance. Latency and data access problems will impact virtually every business process, reducing productivity and profitability.

Reducing complexity is a crucial step towards improving performance – in the data center and beyond.

1. Converge

The speed at which corporate data stores are growing means that CTOs need a simple way to extend and expand their storage systems. The modular, almost commoditized approach of hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) makes extending capacity as simple as joining new units when more capacity is required.

Simplifying the operating environment reduces management overheads – but it can also help to speed up data access. HCI combines compute and storage, removing much of the latency found in traditional distributed systems.

2. Consolidate

Global business operations traditionally rely on local data centers – dramatically increasing the complexity of corporate IT infrastructure. And in terms of data operations, it makes sense to hold data locally to reduce latency.

Despite this, consolidating regional data centers makes good business sense. Fewer remote sites will help to reduce operating costs in terms of human resources, licensing and support contracts. Many of the concerns surrounding access latency can be reduced through investment in intelligent storage cache, virtualization and WAN optimization.

3. De-duplicate!

Duplicated data does more than waste disk capacity – it also increases the backup window, and threatens the integrity of operations reliant on that data. At the most basic level, excess data increases indexing and access times. (Learn more in our how duplicate data is damaging your business whitepaper).

De-duplicating and cleaning data is time consuming and (potentially) costly. However, reducing the volumes of data held will increase systems performance, and help bring capacity growth back under control.

Ready to learn more? Stay tuned for the third instalment of this series – or give us a call to discuss how to get more from your storage.

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