Do you know what’s going end-of-life in your storage infrastructure?

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Posted on Tuesday, December 19, 2017

According to Gartner, almost 80% of IT spend goes towards keeping the lights on – non-strategic spend that does little to help the business achieve its goals. Factor in the increased complexity of the modern data center, and it’s easy to see why CTOs have problems keeping track of hardware warranties.

Even previously trustworthy warning systems – such as calls from your OEM’s account manager pitching hardware upgrades as contracts reach term – have proven to be unreliable. Faced with falling sales volumes, almost every conversation with your account manager will turn into a pitch these days. If the CTO is not on top of every maintenance contract, it is entirely possible that their storage systems will reach EoSL unnoticed.

It’s not too late

When an asset does reach EoSL, OEMs are reluctant to help – unless you want to purchase a costly upgrade. And a lavishly expensive interim support agreement to cover old equipment during the transition/migration.

There is a useful alternative in the form of third party maintenance however. As a vendor agnostic provider of storage maintenance services, CDS can assume support responsibilities for post-warranty hardware, giving you some breathing space when hardware does reach EoSL status unnoticed.

With contracts starting at just 30 days duration, you can rely on CDS to provide interim support as you plan and carry out a migration. Or you could choose to keep assets in place for several more years, dramatically improving ROI. Better yet, CDS contracts offer savings of up to 50% on an OEM equivalent without any reduction in the quality of service you receive.

A happy accident?

In an ideal world, your team would have planned (and budgeted) for the retirement of EoSL hardware – assuming it no longer performs as expected. But the reality is that mistakes do happen – but in the case of storage maintenance contracts, this may actually be a good thing.

To learn more about support and maintenance services for your EoSL storage hardware, and how to reduce spend on “keeping the lights on”, please get in touch.

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