“Cloud first” is not a disruptive strategy

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Posted on Wednesday, December 13, 2017

For many businesses, a decision to adopt a “cloud first” IT strategy is considered revolutionary, a truly disruptive action within their industry. But they are wrong on two counts.

First, to be truly disruptive, it must be different to what your competitors are doing. But everyone is rolling out cloud projects, so there is nothing at all unique about using hosted platforms.

Second, if the project does not redefine the future of your industry, it’s not actually disruptive at all. Will moving your IT systems into hosted infrastructure really change your vertical?

No, you won’t change your vertical with cloud infrastructure alone

The only business that has ever truly brought about industry disruption with the cloud is Amazon itself. Using on-demand provisioning the online retailer was able to move beyond basic ecommerce into the provision of digital content, automation technologies and yes, infrastructure as a service.

Any business adopting a “cloud first” strategy is simply building on Amazon’s initial disruption in the sector.

Are you spending R&D funds wisely?

Hosted infrastructure may indeed save your business money in the long run, but like any migration project, moving to the cloud is quite expensive. Shifting data into a hosted service is relatively simple (so long as you can implement a mechanism to ensure data is accessible and synchronized during the transition), but many apps will need to be re-engineered to make proper use of cloud services.

So if you are simply replicating your existing infrastructure on a hosted platform, how can you claim to be “disrupting” your industry? Business as usual with off-site data services is in no way disruptive at all.

Refocus your efforts

Many businesses find cloud platforms are useful for prototyping concepts and developing new services, which is completely different to migrating your entire infrastructure to the cloud. If your business is serious about being disruptive, you need to think (and plan) in terms of how you will change the future of your industry, instead of following the herd with their “cloud first” mentality.

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