Speeding Up Your Data Center

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Posted on Wednesday, November 29, 2017

The complexity of the modern data center is a management headache. In addition to growing demands to store and process more data, CTOs are also being called upon to help drive the business forward using technology.

These requirements mean that some data centers are descending into chaos. So how does the CTO reclaim control?

1. Focus on speed

Speed has become a critical differentiator for businesses. From the time it to takes to fulfil a customer request, to the speed at which data can be accessed and analyzed, almost every process is measured in terms of immediacy.

For the CTO this means identifying and minimizing latency at every opportunity. When it comes to storage, consider performing data management operations like encryption, compression and de-duplication in-line, before it is written to disk. This will help to reduce system load and increase the performance of applications and operations using that data.

2. Plan for flash

All flash arrays (AFA), like the Dell EMC EqualLogic family, offer substantially improved read/write performance over magnetic disk alternatives. In the quest to reduce latency, it makes sense that the CTO plans a migration project, replacing magnetic disk arrays with all-flash alternatives over time.

Clearly this strategy will be encouraged by your OEM, as their own focus is on increased sales of more costly AFAs.

3. Don’t be afraid of hybrid

Flash may be the gold standard for storage speed, but not all of your data needs to reside on high-performance drives. Instead, CTOs should use automated management tools to analyze workloads and allocate data according to its importance and frequency of use.

This approach sees infrequently used data being pushed to slower, magnetic disk storage, and frequently accessed information being kept on AFAs. In this way, performance can be boosted, while costs are better controlled.

Ready to learn more? Stay tuned for more of our tips in the next blog – or give us a call and let us discuss how to get more from your storage.

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