The biggest lie told by cloud archiving sales people

cloud storage lies

Posted on Tuesday, October 17, 2017

As organisations rush to adopt cloud-first strategies, hosted technologies are being advertised as the answer to every technical/business problem conceivable.

Yet some of the arguments being presented by cloud vendors simply doesn’t add up.

One of the most common benefits advertised is that businesses will be able to avoid costly hardware refreshes by adopting cloud archiving.

Ridiculous over-simplification

As we’ve pointed out several times before, the cloud is unable to compete with on-site systems when it comes to high-speed computing. Line-of-business operations that rely on speed to deliver value will continue to run in private data centers for the foreseeable future.

As demand for speed increases, businesses will need to augment, or refresh, their frontline storage hardware. The cloud simply cannot solve this problem.

By a leap in twisted logic however, cloud vendors go on to claim that archive storage systems need to be refreshed too. Our experience however proves that this is completely untrue.

Yes, your business will need to regularly refresh hardware. No, you will not have to regularly refresh cold storage or archive systems.

Two other options available

The reality is that your business can continue to maintain archiving operations on-site, at minimal cost. You have two main choices other than cloud:

  1. Keep existing archive systems in place, backed by a third party maintenance agreement.
  2. Operate a “cascade down” environment; using retired front-line hardware to upgrade archive systems, thereby creating a performance boost at every level of the data estate.

Using a third party service provider in either of these scenarios offers significant benefits. First – just like the cloud– there is no need for additional capital spend on hardware refreshes for cold storage systems. Second, your business realizes an even greater return on original investment by being able to keep assets in service for longer.

The cloud may solve many operational issues for business, but when sales reps rely on spreading misinformation, you realize that data archiving is not one of them.

To learn more about improving your existing data archiving options using existing assets, please give us a call.

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