Purpose-built backup appliance sales are down – but why?

Purpose-build backup systems and the cloud

Posted on Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Purpose-built backup appliances (PBBA) have long been an established part of the enterprise-operating environment. The volume of data needing to be retained has driven this secondary storage market for years.

However the latest figures from IDC show that PBBA sales are down 16.2% year-on-year. Put simply, businesses aren’t buying as much backup capacity as they once did. But why is that?

The rise of cloud archiving

Cloud services are eating into almost every storage sector – including backup and archiving. Obviously some businesses will be offloading capacity to the cloud – typically data that would otherwise languish on tape in cold storage.

More data held online for longer

Big data analytics programs are reliant on access to as much information as possible to deliver accurate, granular insights. As a result, businesses are keeping more of their data “online” for longer, increasing live capacity, rather than archive storage.

Repurposing existing assets

Whether it is as part of software defined storage architecture, or simply to add low-cost capacity, businesses are increasingly looking to get more from existing assets. As a result, we are seeing increased redeployment of existing arrays to add additional disk backup capacity.

Covered by a third party maintenance contract, existing storage assets can be used well beyond official end of service life. Post-warranty assets continue to deliver value in new roles; and the lack of vendor support is less of an issue when protected by an experienced maintenance provider with a multi-million dollar spares inventory.

With three different scenarios in play, it’s actually not that much of a surprise to see a decline in sales of PBBAs. And as businesses learn more about the benefits of post-warranty support services, we can expect to see a similar decline next year too.

For more help and advice about replacing PBBAs with existing storage assets, please get in touch.

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