AI comes to enterprise storage management. Soon.

Artificial Intelligence

Posted on Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Despite knowing that AI and IoT can be deployed in almost any scenario, industry continues to focus on how those technologies can be harnessed to improve the performance of line-of-business operations.

This single-sided approach may yield the greatest benefits, but it also overlooks the potential for improving secondary processes.

To help redress the balance, Hitachi Vantara is looking at how AI can be applied to data center operations. A full announcement is expected this winter, but Vantara’s senior vice president has already discussed some of the research roadmap.

Predictive maintenance

Initially Vantara will be focusing their efforts on helping improve the resilience of data center hardware. Improved, automated monitoring and analysis will help CTOs increase the accuracy of their capacity planning. AI is also expected to help with identifying what will break, and when, making it easier to plan spares purchasing and installation.

Moving forward, Vantara hopes that systems will be able to act on these AI-generated insights autonomously. Rather than simply alerting technicians to a problem, they want systems to begin “healing” themselves, reducing time to fix and minimizing the effect on performance.

Ventara plans are still unknown

Until Hitachi Ventara makes a full announcement, the details of their AI offering remain purely speculative. It may transpire that their AI program is behind schedule, and the storage monitoring technologies remain a goal, rather than reality.

In the meantime, there is a way to accurately predict hardware failures – CDS maintenance services. We operate a series of hardware labs that test every single system we support to the point of destruction. Which means that we know which parts fail – and when.

This insight allows us to schedule replacements with customers in advance, using OEM-approved spares from our multi-million dollar inventory – dramatically reducing the risk of system failure in the process. In fact, CDS customers don’t need artificial intelligence when it comes to predictive storage maintenance.

To learn more about human intelligence-driven storage maintenance, please get in touch.

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