Repurposed legacy hardware as you’ve never seen it before

The Floppotron

Posted on Thursday, September 28, 2017

Here at CDS we often talk about redeploying post-warranty assets as a way to increase storage capacity without breaking your budget.

But one hardware hacker from Poland has come up with something far more entertaining – the Floppotron:

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The Floppotron has been built using several legacy components, including magnetic disks and a bank of floppy disk drives. This unique device is fully programmable, playing almost any tune using nothing but the “hum” generated by the floppies, and the “click” caused by hard drive heads speeding up.

Indeed, the engineer Paweł Zadrożniak has a YouTube channel showcasing a range of his finest orchestral creations.

Entertaining, but not very useful

The Floppotron is hugely entertaining, but it serves little purpose in the enterprise IT department. When it comes to repurposing hardware in the data center, your business has other, more practical options:

Additional capacity – re-deploying post-warranty arrays allows your business to extend on-site capacity without additional capital spend.

Archive upgrades – re-deploying unused disk arrays to replace archive tape libraries, bringing “cold” data back online, and increasing the speed with which it can be accessed.

Low-cost redundancy – Installing unused systems in co-location data centers or branch offices to provide fail-over capacity in the event of a serious system outage or localized disaster.

Post-warranty hardware is perfect for any of these scenarios, providing much needed capacity at no extra cost. And backed by a third party maintenance contract from CDS, you can extend the operational life-span of these assets for up to five more years, generating an even greater return on investment.

To learn more about your less tuneful (more useful) legacy hardware redeployment options, please get in touch.

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