EMC expands partner coverage in New Zealand

New Zealand with an EMC flag planted in it.

Posted on Wednesday, September 6, 2017

EMC customers will already be well aware of the changes brought about by the merger with Dell. To help improve the quality of service offered to customers, Dell EMC has been restructuring the reseller partnership program.

For clients based in New Zealand this is excellent news. For the first time ever Dell EMC is about to add a second reseller partner, providing customers with a choice of supplier for new hardware and services.

Choice is a good thing

This new choice should help to make the market more competitive for customers in New Zealand, driving down prices and forcing resellers to improve their offerings. It also means that Dell EMC users now have greater choice when it comes to sourcing spares, repairs and maintenance.

However, there is still a problem for any Kiwi business hoping to extract additional value from their existing EMC Symmetrix (or other product range) storage assets. Resellers are bound by the OEM’s product lifecycles – they cannot offer support or maintenance for any equipment that is classified as “post warranty.

In effect, New Zealand resellers must keep Dell EMC customers on the continuous upgrade path – which means refreshing arrays every three to five years as extended support is withdrawn.

Another option for New Zealand businesses

The good news is that Dell EMC users in New Zealand do have another option. CDS provide support and maintenance services for post warranty storage arrays to customers in New Zealand. Importantly, we also carry a complete range of spares for customers. And we can have them delivered to our clients’ sites in as little as two hours.

So before jumping on board with the New Zealand’s latest Dell EMC reseller, why not give CDS a call to discuss how we can help you get more from your existing systems?

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