Data Discovery – A Valuable Exercise In Space Saving

Data discovery

Posted on Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Despite data being one of their most valuable assets, many organizations are not completely sure what information they hold, or where it is stored. In the face of the new GDPR regulation and increasingly cloud-centric operations, this ignorance could prove very costly.

Because of the sheer volumes of data held by most enterprises (and the relatively low cost of disks), data discovery projects remain unpopular and infrequent. The fact that most businesses actively avoid discovery and clean-up does not make these activities any less important.

Preparation for the cloud

When moving to the cloud, many organizations are shocked at costs incurred. The pay-as-you-use pricing model is exactly that; if you migrate too much unnecessary data into the cloud, you will pay for it.

The problem is not restricted solely to raw capacity however. Many businesses choose to adopt SaaS variants of the applications currently used in house. This may allow them access to the latest version of the software and all the additional functionality that entails. But the upgrade also brings with it the headaches of re-engineering legacy data stores to match the new schemas and design.

Without a data discovery project, CTOs will be unable to accurately assess the amount of preparatory work required before migration can begin.

An unexpected bonus

The data discovery exercise will also reveal just how much duplicate data exists – and which can be deleted. It may be that the volumes are so significant that existing storage infrastructure can remain in play for longer, allowing you to realize additional ROI and avoid the hassle of a physical migration.

If that does turn out to be the case, CDS is on hand to provide support and maintenance for your servers and arrays. The unpopular data discovery project may actually turn out to be a good long-term investment after all.

To learn more about reducing the cost of supporting and maintaining your storage assets, please get in touch.

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