Cloud adoption – it’s not a one-way trip

Data moving from the cloud to a physical data center

Posted on Friday, September 8, 2017

Cloud services have reached a turning point. The value of hosted platforms has been proven, and many businesses already operate mission-critical workloads in the cloud.

However, concerns about ongoing costs, political instability, and the upcoming General Data Protection Regulation are forcing CTOs and CIOs to re-evaluate their “cloud first” strategies. The need for increased data access speeds, and control over data assets, means that many are now seriously considering bringing at least some of their resources back in house.

But as with anything cloud-related, there’s a cost involved.

Probably not as big as expected

When Amazon announced the release of their Snowball data transport appliance, most of the focus was placed on how the device was used to place large volumes of data into the AWS cloud. Even now, most people believe Snowball is a one-way transport unit.

But the truth is Snowball can also be used to export data out of AWS too. Somewhat unexpectedly, the price of data transfer and unit hire is actually quite cheap. Amazon even provides a helpful cost breakdown to help CTOs calculate the cost of regaining control of their corporate data.

A welcome option for the move to hybrid/private/on-site storage

The ability to export data from AWS with relative ease will be welcome news for any CTO concerned about cloud lock-in. In many ways, Amazon has handed back control of the data center, allowing their customers to build platforms that suit the specific needs of their businesses.

Where cost remains a concern, CTOs can redeploy post-warranty hardware to provide local capacity without additional capital spend. Under this model, operating costs fall even further – particularly when support and maintenance are provided by a third party. In which case Amazon is doing CTOs a huge favour – even if that does mean generating less revenue from service users.

To learn more about redeploying post-warranty storage hardware, or migrating data back on-site, please give us a call.

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