Western Digital Says The Data Center Isn’t Dead

WD + tegile

Posted on Thursday, August 31, 2017

The need for increased data access speeds and capacity means that the days of the spinning disk – at least in terms of front-line operations – are numbered. And with the hype surrounding cloud storage services, you would be forgiven for thinking that the on-site data center would follow suit shortly too.

Western Digital acquires Tegile Systems

Realizing that their core business, magnetic disks, is under threat, Western Digital has taken the bold step of acquiring Tegile Systems. This is more than simply a springboard to improving their flash storage options however – for the first time Western Digital (WD) will be entering the systems arena.

Whether WD are able to compete against better established competitors like Dell EMC and NetApp remains to be seen. The strategy behind the acquisition is more obvious however – products from the Tegile Systems range are targeted at end-users, not cloud storage providers.

The purchase is an important signal to the corporate marketplace – WD is still fully committed to the principles of on-site data centers. Which suggests that WD’s senior leadership team see a viable future for on-site storage.

What does the acquisition mean for you?

The purchase of Tegile Systems also acknowledges the fact that cloud systems are not without their problems. Latency continues to be a major issue with line-of-business applications for instance – and a serious stumbling block for IoT systems reliant on real-time data access and analysis.

Addressing these shortcomings can only be achieved with on-site resources. And as the natural development of storage, flash will be a key factor for your in-house data center moving forwards.

At the same time as improving the performance of front-line systems, your business also has the chance to speed up secondary data operations. By redeploying your existing spinning disk systems for secondary applications or archiving, your business will realize a significant speed increase for all data activities.

To learn more about your existing storage arrays – including those that are officially post warranty – please get in touch.

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