New report shows disk capacity is still a major purchasing factor

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Posted on Friday, August 18, 2017

A new TechTarget survey has found that spinning disks are the preferred backup storage medium for enterprise-class organisations. Despite the lower per-gigabyte cost and increased capacity, tape continues to decline in importance - at least as part of a backup regime.

Ironically, capacity is named in the report as being the number one priority when purchasing new backup provisions; it may be that speed of access is actually more important - albeit unrealized. This is confirmed by the second highest priority - scalability - which is very difficult to achieve effectively with tape libraries.

Modest backup capacity increases

Looking at the capacities involved, the majority of buyers are looking to acquire less than 50TB. As big data and IoT programs ramp up, this relatively modest increase is surprising. A further 40 percent intend to buy up to 999TB for backup.

The need for additional capacity is pressing however. One-fifth of buyers are looking to make a purchase within the next three months for instance. More than half will have made a deal within nine months.

Overlooking a second option

OEM hardware life cycles lead to storage assets being retired on a fairly regular basis. As the vendor withdraws support, businesses are forced to replace perfectly functional equipment - and its associated capacity.

With the assistance of a third party support provider like CDS however, these post-warranty assets can be redeployed. With the right maintenance agreement in place, 'retired' hardware can be used to provide additional capacity in the disk-backup infrastructure.

This offers two distinct advantages. First, the assets are already owned, so there’s no need for further capital investment. Second, the arrays are already in place, greatly reducing time to deployment.

So rather than spending nine months planning a new purchase and migration, the CTO can begin work with existing arrays almost immediately. Your existing disk storage assets may hold the answer to your growing backup capacity requirements.

To learn more about what can be achieved, and how much you may save please, contact CDS.

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