U2, Archive Data Storage and You Too

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Posted on Tuesday, July 11, 2017

As the second leg of U2's 30th Anniversary Joshua Tree tour kicks off in Europe, one thing is certain - the band and their album sounds as good as ever. And a string of sold out stadiums is proof of the enduring quality of their music.

Perhaps what is most amazing is the fact that although U2's stage show may have improved, the music itself sounds exactly the same - a particularly impressive feat.

Legacy data and systems

Compare U2's ability to access songs, music and performances from 30 years ago, against how easy well-established businesses find it to access their own data across a similar time frame. Obviously many processes were reliant on paper back in 1987, but historical data from that period remains incredibly difficult to access - much will be stored offline on legacy tapes and cartridges.

In the age of big data analytics, businesses need to have online access to data - even if it is three decades old. How will your business tap into its archive data in 2047?

Stability and longevity

The band may now be in their 50s, and yet they are still able to deliver a reliable performance. They themselves may be ageing, but their extensive network of roadies and technicians is constantly refreshed. Few (if any) of the original 1987 support team remain in place.

The push for improved performance means that much of your data storage will be upgraded or replaced over time - particularly for line of businesses systems. Not every array requires tri-annual refreshes however, particularly where your strategy favours reliablity and availability with minimal disruption - like that caused by upgrade programmes.

You may find that maintaining a platform that you want means seeking third party storage support. Your OEM may think that your hardware is past its sell by date - but as long as it continues to deliver according to expectations, there's no need to retire it.

Building a storage system that suits your long-term strategy

This ability to change supporting crews allows U2 to focus on what they do best - writing and performing enduring rock music. They always have what they need - even if they have to break some conventions to do so.

When your business decides to extend the lifespan of legacy assets beyond the official warrenty period, expect some push-back from your vendor. But to build a data strategy that suits your business now (and for the next 30 years or more), you must regain control of your storage. And if that means breaking up with your OEM, so be it.

To learn more to create an archiving platform strategy that will outlast The Joshua Tree, give us a call.

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