(Nearly) everyone wants SDS

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Posted on Thursday, June 1, 2017

The general impression has been that businesses are increasingly interested in software defined storage (SDS) – and the sixth annual market survey conducted by DataCore provides the necessary proof that this is a reality. According to their research, just six percent of businesses have no plans to deploy SDS.

Despite this high level of interest, less than five percent of the global storage array capacity uses SDS. This is expected to increase rapidly however, reaching 30 percent market share in just two years.

Why is SDS so popular?

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of the DataCore report is the reasons why SDS adoption is so attractive. The most important factor for 55 percent of CTOs was the promise of simplicity – SDS makes the process of managing an estate of heterogeneous arrays far easier.

This was followed by the desire to future-proof storage infrastructure (33 percent). Most concerning for OEMs is that more than half (52 percent) want to free themselves from hardware lock-in. The ability to use arrays from any vendor to provide a best-of-breed storage fabric is a powerful SDS incentive driving uptake.

Interestingly less than half (47 percent) of survey respondents were interested in another SDS factor that makes their jobs easier, and their storage cheaper – the redeployment of existing arrays in an SDS environment. SDS offers the possibility of increasing ROI and reducing TCO by reusing otherwise redundant storage – including units that have entered the post-warranty phase.

An unappreciated benefit

Whether CTOs choose SDS to extend the lifespan of their storage hardware or not, the benefit is always there. It could be that as SDS adoption rates accelerate, more CTOs come to realise and appreciate the additional options available using SDS.

We’ll just have to wait until the seventh edition of the annual market survey to know for sure.

Until then, why not give us a call to discuss your options when dealing with SDS and post warranty hardware.

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