SDS – Performance Storage for the Future

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Posted on Monday, May 15, 2017

Here at CDS we often talk about software defined storage (SDS) in terms of redeploying post warranty hardware to add capacity and extract additional ROI. But this only tells half the story – implementing SDS actually allows you to build a storage platform for the future too.

Not just ageing hardware

The vendor-agnostic nature of SDS makes it perfect for redeploying older arrays, particularly when you need to additional archive storage for instance. But this vendor agnosticism can help you meet demands for performance gains too.

In fact to get the most from your investment in SDS you should be adding new cutting edge technologies as and when they become available.

Intelligent storage use

The true power of SDS lies in how storage is allocated. More than simply expanding cloud-like in line with demand, intelligent automation offers all manner of performance enhancements too.

For resource-intensive applications, it makes sense to host data on high performance flash arrays. Rather than simply allocating that storage permanently, SDS allows you to shift data according to demand, application and your own quality of service rules. Applied correctly, you can shift workloads to high performing arrays during peak demand, and then back to lower-speed spinning disk during periods of low demand.

In this way SDS helps to maximize the performance potential of your entire data storage estate and to cut operating costs using existing assets. You can also add capacity into the storage fabric whenever required without undertaking a major reconfiguration or migration project.

SDS storage is not simply a way to extend the lifespan of ageing assets beyond the OEM’s warranty period. Instead it is a significant step towards future-proofing your corporate data storage strategy.

Next steps

To learn more about SDS and how it fits into your business, please get in touch.

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