Duke University Debuts Spray-On Memory

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Posted on Friday, May 12, 2017

While Microsoft and Columbia University continue development of DNA as a data storage medium, researchers at Duke University are taking a different approach. While investigating the potential of nanotechnology and printed electronics, the Durham-based team have managed to create “spray-on” digital storage.

Nanowires and printable electronics

The nameless technology uses silica-coated copper nanowires encased in a polymer matrix. When dissolved in methanol, scientists were able to create a nanoparticle ink that can be used with an aerosol jet printer to print a layer of memory onto a specially prepared slide.

Unlike traditional memory technologies, the new spray-on system encodes data using states of resistance. By applying a voltage to the nanowires, current can be adjusted; a lack of flow through the resistor is registered as a zero, while free flow represents a one.

High performance memory

Even at this early stage of development, researchers have been able to demonstrate consistent write speeds of just 3 microseconds – very similar to current high performance flash drives. The spray-on memory is also expected to last at least a decade, which the team claim is twice as long as current systems.

There is one drawback however – the prototype being demonstrated has a capacity of just 4 bits. Obviously researchers hope to break through these limitations in future, but it may be some time until we see spray-on storage hit the mainstream.

Even if printed nanotechnology proves fruitless as a data storage medium, it is reassuring that scientists continue to search for a solution to demand for increased density and reduced costs. It may be that the days of magnetic disk and tape really are coming to an end.

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