Verizon, unlimited cell plans, and the CTO’s new headache

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Posted on Tuesday, April 25, 2017

News that Verizon Q1 results were slightly down on analyst expectations this week had a significant effect on the telecoms provider’s share price. To counter the bad news – and to try and reclaim some of their lost subscribers – Verizon announced they would be offering a new unlimited data plan.

Great for customers

These new plans are great news for data-hungry consumers – but they also create a massive problem for the CTO. In the five years since Verizon last offered unlimited data allowances to subscribers, the volume of mobile traffic has increased exponentially, thanks to the growth in popularity of image and video services.

As more subscribers sign up to unlimited plans, network traffic will undoubtedly increase quickly. However the increased pressure will be felt at every point of the Verizon infrastructure – including their data storage arrays.

The metadata effect

Verizon famously collects and stores metadata relating to every call and internet request made by customers. The information is then used to analyze performance and develop new services that better meet the need of subscribers.

With unrestricted access to the Verizon network, not only will traffic grow, but so too will the volume of metadata that needs to be retained. Verizon’s CTO needs a workable solution that will cope with that dramatic increase.

More storage, now

Before demand becomes too great, the CTO can buy some time redeploying existing assets to provide extra capacity. The use of a third party support provider offers even more options – including the reuse of post-warranty arrays.

Whether this is simply a stop-gap measure, or a way to increase capacity permanently, the CTO has the breathing space they need to plan their storage future. And the same is true of any other telecoms provider who decides to offer their customers unlimited data contracts.

Next steps

To learn more about post-warranty storage support services for the telecoms industry, please get in touch.

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