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Posted on Friday, February 10, 2017

Digital transformation programs have changed the way businesses operate, analyzing every operational aspect to identify new savings and efficiencies. In a crowded marketplace, any efficiency, no matter how small, could help to boost market share and profit margins.

To make these advances however, you need to be able to scrutinise your infrastructure. But as enterprise networks become more complex, transparency quickly becomes a casualty. The proliferation of cloud services means that CTOs struggle to acquire metrics from networked assets, let alone derive actionable insights.

In many ways, the trend towards hybrid infrastructure runs contrary to the transparent, data driven model required for the modern business.

SDS and simplification

As is so often the case, increased transparency is achieved by simplifying and centralizing your infrastructure. Rather than distributing information across a range of hardware silos and cloud services, you need an infrastructure that allows you to “see” across them all.

The most effective, future-proof option for building such an infrastructure is through the use of Software Defined Storage. In this scenario you break out of vendor-defined hardware systems, to create a transparent layer of storage that can be allocated however you need.

More importantly, this vast, virtual data store can be observed at every point, making it far easier to define and monitor metrics. SDS will actually assist your data transformation program and simplify the process of applying efficiencies as and when they are identified.

For the CTO, SDS provides an important solution to demands for KPI-driven IT infrastructure that aligns with business strategy. And the ability to redeploy existing hardware, or extend capacity with storage from any vendor, gives the CTO more options than ever before.

At this moment in time, SDS is the only option to building a storage infrastructure that truly assists with business transformation.

Next steps

To learn about SDS and post-warranty hardware redeployment, please get in touch.

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