“All Flash” offers just part of your data centre cost optimization

An array of flash storage devices

Posted on Monday, February 20, 2017

In a recent press release NetApp announcing the release of new A700s All Flash array, the manufacturer made an astonishing claim. Any all-flash array manufactured by NetApp is now covered an “All-Flash Guarantee”, promising up to 5x storage savings.

Obviously there will be caveats to this promise – we already know that the 5x savings depends on the workload. Despite this, the guarantee is a clear indication of just how big a difference flash storage makes to infrastructure efficiency.

Not just flash

Although the cost of all flash storage has fallen substantially, it is still best suited for line of business applications. These front-line units are typically the first to be replaced under the OEM-defined refresh strategy.

But these end-of-warranty units may still have an important part to play in your infrastructure. Redeploying redundant systems as part of an internal rolling-refresh program allows you to upgrade legacy hardware to deliver a performance boost for auxiliary operations for instance.

Bringing archive data back online

Pushing your post-warranty hardware back into action will allow you to bring archive data back online for instance. Not only does this information become more easily accessible, but it can also be used as part of your big data analytics program.

Not just efficiency savings either

Extending the lifespan of post-warranty NetApp hardware allows your business to increase ROI on each unit and reduce maintenance costs through a third party provider like CDS. In fact, redeployment actually increases the 5x storage savings promised by NetApp, allowing you to reap performance improvements across your entire data storage estate.

Next steps

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