Storage lessons from rock – Green Day’s laundry basket

A heart shaped grenade above a laundry basket

Posted on Tuesday, January 24, 2017

US rock band Green Day are no strangers to cutting edge technology. Advanced audio equipment, pyrotechnics and a stunning light show all combined to wow the audience in Berlin’s Mercedes Benz Arena.

But behind the scenes much of the technology employed is strictly old school.

The humble laundry basket

Rather than employ a video screen behind the stage, Green Day’s set-up involves a series of changing fabric drapes. At key points of the set, these drapes drop to the floor, revealing another backdrop behind them. And while the Berlin audience was focused on the band, the road crew were busy tidying up in preparation for the next big reveal.

Key to these clean-up operations was a large laundry basket into which the drapes were neatly folded. Unlike the other equipment on show, the laundry basket was a basic lidded trolley – exactly what you would see in hotels across the world.

Nothing special, but crucial nonetheless

The laundry basket was nothing special in itself, but it is crucial to the smooth operations of the entire concert. Without some way to store and move the drapes quickly, backstage operations would be hindered.

There are undoubtedly newer devices available that could also do the job - built from lightweight metals, or with improved wheel bearings for instance – but these enhancements are frankly unnecessary. Which is an important lessons for enterprise-class organisations.

No more OEM interference

In most businesses, the existing data storage layer is important to behind the scenes operations. And although vendors push their clients onto a perpetual upgrade cycle, in many cases these updates are completely unwarranted.

Using a third party maintenance service from CDS, businesses can re-use their post-warranty hardware to maintain baseline operations, freeing up funds for investment in new cutting edge technologies. Like Green Day’s age-old laundry basket, your legacy hardware still fulfils a role – and continues to do so into the future.

Next steps

To learn more about putting your older hardware to work, please get in touch.

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