Why the CIO deserves a raise – big data is a big success

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Posted on Wednesday, January 18, 2017

A new report published by NewVantage suggests that not only have big data analytics established themselves as a cornerstone of modern IT strategy, but that most businesses are pleased with the results realized to date.

Perhaps most impressive was the finding that just 1.6% judged their big data projects to have failed. This statistic alone is a testimony to the efforts of the CIO and CTO – very few major IT projects report such impressively low failure rates.

Still work to be done

There are some caveats to the findings however. Confusingly, just over half of the businesses admitted they did not have any way to measure the benefits of their big data analytics implementations. This would suggest that the CIO and CTO will need to work closely with the CDO to identify new ways to provide the necessary insights to properly assess project success.

Ironically it would seem that the biggest stumbling block in the full application of big data in an organisation is the human factor. Just 37 percent of businesses have been able to dismantle the cultural barriers standing in the way of building a truly data-driven organisation.

Still improvements to be made

But before the IT team get too carried away with their success, many businesses have reported a general dissatisfaction with their choice of vendor partners. In fact, 60 percent would not do business with their provider again.

Returning to the bigger picture however, it is clear that big data has moved beyond mere experimentation. Businesses are staking their future – and their budgets – on systems capable of storing and processing vast datasets for profit.

This general contentment leaves the CIO in a strong position, both in terms of securing additional funding, and helping drive business transformation – at least at the IT level. The halo effect will also bless the CTO, giving them additional leeway to test new ways to deliver increased storage and availability – including the redesign of the in-house storage infrastructure if required.

And if these C-level IT professionals want to secure a healthy pay rise, 2017 could be their year.

Next steps

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