Does the recent EMC end of service life announcement mean replacing your hardware?

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Posted on Wednesday, December 14, 2016

As you may be aware, EMC recently announced Symmetrix DMX-4, DMX-4 950 and all Enginuity 577x software have reached EOSL 'end of service life', with support officially ending September 30, 2017.

While this sounds like the hardware is obsolete, the truth is your DMX4s can enjoy a much longer lifespan than September 2017. Using our Raytrix ESS™ solution, we can extend the life of your existing hardware, increasing your return on investment and decreasing your total cost of ownership even further.

Raytrix ESS™ ensures that we can deliver OEM quality service for the EMC Symmetrix® line of products, constantly monitoring for intermittent and recoverable errors, and implementing corrective actions before issues develop as a result of component failures.

How does Raytrix ESS™ maintain my existing hardware?

EMC event monitoring and analysis

Raytrix ESS™ allows our engineers to monitor, filter and analyse EMC Symmetrix events remotely and proactively, as well as gather event data which is then automatically filtered to prevent irrelevant events from calling home.

Where a genuine event is identified, a Remote Support Facility (RSF) notification is created and sent to our EMC support team, along with a snapshot of current events and a full description of the event.

Our EMC storage support group then use the Raytrix ESS™ Event Viewer to analyze your ESS event log, find the cause of the issue, find the solution, and assign the event with a suitable level of severity.

Heartbeat Monitoring

Raytrix ESS™ has a built-in heartbeat monitoring function that can be performed weekly or daily depending on your requirements.

Heartbeat data is collected from your EMC storage solutions and stored securely in our database. This data is analyzed daily to ensure your hardware is working properly. This makes sure that your EMC Symmetrix hardware can send alerts when necessary, and that we can receive them.

Symmetrix Diagnostics

Raytrix ESS™ allows our EMC support team verify the integrity of your EMC storage solutions and to carry out maintenance remotely.

Diagnostic interfaces allow us to communicate directly with the Symmetrix Directors and Communications and Environmental boards built into your EMC storage solutions, so we can gather additional troubleshooting information and perform extra maintenance tasks.

Raytrix ESS™ also allows us to hot swap disk drives, directors and other concurrent maintenance hardware on the Symmetrix platform using an advanced scripting interface. Automated scripts are also used for removing hot spares, releasing software locks and performing environmental tasks like viewing or resetting alarms.

Remote Management for EMS Symmetrix Solutions

Raytrix ESS™ is designed to work securely within your network, and to be fully compatible with your EMC storage solutions.

Its remote maintenance services use a VPN IPSEC based solution with two geographically separated servers; a primary in the US and a secondary in Canada. We also offer an SSL-based solution with dedicated servers based in the US and Canada.

These two solutions, named the Raytrix ESS™ Secure Remote Solution (RSRS), are designed to provide the fastest and most reliable encrypted connection to your EMC Symmetrix assets.

Why is Raytrix ESS™ unique?

As a company, we have access to a complete EMC Symmetrix maintenance solution, with Raytrix ESS™ being designed from the ground up as a replacement for EMC’s own management and monitoring tools.

As well as this, we only hire the best and the brightest specialists capable of handling any technical support scenario, ensuring that you receive original manufacturer standards of service.

If you would like to know more about how we can support your existing hardware, please get in touch

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