TPM Myths – Slower Response Times

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Posted on Wednesday, August 3, 2016

For any business locked into the OEM maintenance program, third party maintenance sounds a little too good to be true. How is it possible for a provider to offer a complete support and maintenance service for up to 70 per cent less than the original equipment manufacturer? Surely there has to be some kind of compromise in the service?

And so it is that many people believe that choosing a third party maintenance partner will lead to slower response times in times of emergency. But is this realistic?

Round-the-clock coverage

Here at CDS we operate a full 7x24x365 support service to ensure that our clients have coverage whenever they need it. Our globally-distributed network of OEM-trained Level 3 engineers is always ready to assist.

Which means that there is no reason at all for our service to be less responsive.

Variable support coverage

We do recognise that not all of your systems require four hour response times however – and we’re more than happy to customize maintenance agreements to give you the coverage you actually need. For many of the post warranty storage systems we support, a next business day response is considered perfectly adequate.

And for mission critical systems, we also offer a two hour on-site service, so you always have the right level of coverage for every unit.

In reality, we only reduce response times at the request of our clients.

Proactive remote monitoring and maintenance

But we go even further to ensure response times are kept to an absolute minimum. Using our proprietary remote monitoring and maintenance tool Raytrix™ we are able to identify and resolve issues with our customers’ EMC units before they result in an outage for instance. Which means that we are able to offer a service that is at least as responsive and effective as your OEM’s.

And still at considerably less cost.

Slow response times are a myth – at least in the case of CDS. By partnering with us for your storage support and maintenance needs, you get the protection you need and free up cash that can be better spent on new projects that drive your business forward.

To learn more about our cost-effective, OEM-class maintenance and support services, please get in touch.

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