Managing Data Center Challenges – The Skills Gap

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Posted on Friday, August 12, 2016

The need to understand new technologies and how they are integrated into your business strategy is crucial to building a successful digital transformation program. Despite the headline benefits of every new platform however, there is one major problem – sourcing employees with the correct blend of skills and experience to extract the full value from each.

This means continually recruiting new staff as new technologies are onboarded. Take Big Data for instance – collecting and storing data is actually the easiest part of the process. It is only when trying to extract value from that data that your business runs into problems. Drawing insights from unstructured data is a specialist skill – that just happens to be in great demand.

There are currently less data scientists than Big Data projects (either underway or planned for the next 12 – 18 months) creating a skills gap and allowing these specialists command a high salary, which adds to your organization’s operating costs. But because you can’t do without them, the CIO needs to find a way to budget for them.

How to plug the skills gap

Partnering with a third party maintenance provider can help plug the skills gap by freeing up financial resources that can be invested in the “human” side of your operations. By choosing to extend the lifespan of your post-warranty storage assets, or shifting to a third party maintenance contract, you free up cash that can be spent on sourcing candidates who do have the latest skills to assist with your digital transformation program.

This money can be spent on improving the remuneration packages offered to prospective candidates who have the skills required to drive your data strategy forward. The combination of new technologies and improved benefits package should prove more attractive to in-demand workers.

It is worth noting that these same cost-saving benefits can be applied to new equipment too. A skilled and experienced third party maintenance service provider like CDS stays up to speed with emerging technologies from leading vendors allowing you to realise similar cost-savings benefits from the outset.

This means your Big Data program will have additional funds available to recruit the finest data scientists and invest in new infrastructure as required. Third party maintenance services are extremely effective at freeing up cash for reinvestment elsewhere – and they really could help you overcome the skills shortages that plagues the IT industry. To learn more about how CDS can help you, please get in touch.

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