CTO challenges – Embracing agility

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Posted on Friday, August 19, 2016

The CTO is increasingly under pressure to build an infrastructure that flexes rapidly to cope with changes in strategy. The adoption of cloud services and the subscription pricing model have gone a long way to helping supply a suitably flexible technology backbone.

But the fact that most organizations are pushing towards a hybrid cloud model, with some resources hosted off site, and others managed internally, means that budgets remain tight. This cash shortfall is further exacerbated by the adoption of bi-modal IT; one stream focused on “keeping the lights on”, the other driving rapid development and innovation.

Rock-solid reliability in operations is completely at odds with the fast-and-loose demands of disruptive innovation.

Flexibility is achieved through improved outsourcing

In order to overcome these strategic challenges, the CTO needs to free up as many resources as possible. And the way that cloud services provide for instant scalability and reduced management overheads, serves as an example for further reductions elsewhere in your operations.

Choosing a third party support and maintenance provider helps to break the OEM hold on your data center for instance. You are then empowered to build a platform that better suits your needs, rather than the vendor’s annual hardware sales targets. Freedom of choice offers the opportunity to build a best-of-breed infrastructure that is truly flexible – just as your business strategy demands.

You will also find that third party storage support is typically much cheaper than that provided by the OEM direct. Here at CDS our clients regularly realize reductions of up to 70% on their vendor-quoted maintenance renewals. These savings can then be reinvested in new technologies to support the wider digital transformation program.

To learn more about how third party maintenance services from CDS can help you build a more flexible IT infrastructure, please get in touch.

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