TPM Myths – Less Skilled Engineers

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Posted on Monday, July 4, 2016

The headline cost savings associated with third party support are extremely compelling – which is why OEMs use every trick in the book to keep their customers on board. Scare stories and shock tactics have proven very effective for keeping customers enrolled in the OEM-defined upgrade cycle for instance.

Unfortunately, this has led to several myths growing up around the third party maintenance industry. Myths that mean many businesses miss out on the significant cost and flexibility benefits on offer.

One common misconception is that third party support engineers are less skilled than their counterparts employed by the OEMs. Logically, if these non-OEM engineers are less capable, the service your business receives will be of a far lower standard.

Obviously this is a perfectly valid concern if the engineers really do not have the same level of experience. And any reduction in the quality of service you receive could have a major impact on your IT operations.

The CDS difference

Here at CDS we only recruit the best of the best - which means selecting former OEM employees to build a supremely experienced team. All of our Level 3 engineers have at least 10 years experience working with major vendors, and all are fully OEM qualified, confirming their extensive, expert knowledge.

And they don't just specialize in legacy hardware either. CDS operates an in house hardware lab, used by our engineers to run through support scenarios, and keep their skills sharp. As a result, our Level 3 engineers may actually be more qualified than their OEM counterparts. Our hardware labs are also used for problem recreation and parts testing, allowing us to determine problems, develop software and confirm the viability of parts – all without affecting our customer’s systems.

CDS are also vendor agnostic – our fully qualified engineers provide support for storage systems from EMC, NetApp, IBM, Hewlett Packard, Enterprise Sun and more. Because we work with so many systems, our engineers are used to troubleshooting issues across platforms – something OEMs cannot, and will not, do.

Which means that choosing CDS as your third party maintenance provider not only saves money on your support costs, but also gives you access to a world class IT support team. And you can be sure that the CDS team is able to deliver a better quality of service across all of your supported systems than your current OEM.

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