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Posted on Friday, May 6, 2016

In what is expected to be the last EMC World conference before the Dell merger goes through later this year, the storage manufacturer was bullish and upbeat. A raft of new products in the Isilon Edge, Scale IO and the Elastic Cloud Storage (ECS) families have mapped out the foreseeable future for EMC customers.

But for many, the real story is in the way that these new products are designed to allow customers to do more with less, both in terms of physical storage and budget.

Virtustream Storage Cloud – the most cost effective hosted storage platform

All of the major storage vendors are struggling to find their place in the age of the cloud, but EMC’s platform – Elastic Cloud Storage – appears to be faring relatively well. During his product presentation CJ Desai, president of emerging technology products, claimed that ECS worked out 60% cheaper for customers than rival public cloud offerings for instance. 

The seamless connection between on-site resources and Virtustream (sitting on the Elastic Cloud Storage platform) makes it relatively simple for EMC customers to access the resources they need without additional capital investment. And with a 60% cost advantage, the case for using Virtustream is compelling.

Continued convergence

EMC has also pledged an ongoing future for converged systems, regardless of the outcome of the Dell merger. For new customers this presents an opportunity to reduce the cost of new storage by simplifying sourcing, deployment and management.

Whether converged systems result in longer term savings is debatable, but the headline cost is reduced at least.

Automating duplicate data management

At a time when businesses desperately need to manage their storage, duplicate data continues to present an expensive problem (see exactly how big a problem in the free CDS whitepaper Duplicated Data in the Enterprise Space). EMC’s own estimates suggest duplicate data costs businesses $50 billion annually.

EMC were therefore keen to talk about the Enterprise Copy Data Management system that helps businesses discover automate and optimize their data – including duplicate files. With the stakes so high, investment in such a system will help businesses cut costs in the longer term.

What about 2017?

Speaking at a keynote presentation, EMC CEO Joe Tucci made it clear that even if the brand does effectively disappear in the Dell merger, their products will not. For businesses committed to EMC, this should prove encouraging – or perhaps serve as a warning that they need to look secure third party support and maintenance services before the deal completes.

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