EMC ScaleIO 2.0 and the Future of Software Defined Storage

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Posted on Friday, April 1, 2016

Released yesterday, EMC’s ScaleIO version 2.0 contains a number of vital new features that will further improve software defined storage. The update offers better security and resiliency, and demonstrates an ongoing commitment by EMC to allow users to extend their operations onto hardware from other OEMs to assist with rapid data expansion plans.

Regulatory compliance goes front and center

ScaleIO 2.0 now hooks into existing role-based user management platforms like Active Directory to simply access rights, reducing the overheads of its predecessor. This combined with new IPv6 support means that organizations have more granular control over user access, backed by an internal ‘logic log’ that validates internal ScaleIO components. 

In doing so, EMC have created a software defined storage platform better suited to the needs of heavily regulated industries like the financial sector.

System integrity as standard

An ‘in-flight checksum’ routine has been implemented, allowing ScaleIO to digitally sign and verify packets are free from corruption or tampering in transit between application and storage. The individual ScaleIO components are also digitally signed, allowing the platform to carry out its own health checks and determine that it has not been compromised.

Enhanced support for third party hardware

Despite these new functions, perhaps the most important feature of ScaleIO 2.0 is built-in support for OpenStack platforms. As a result, ScaleIO users will no longer have to request special drivers from EMC because the necessary updates have been contributed directly to the OpenStack project. This means that organizations using Docker packages running on Ubuntu Linux will be able to bring those deployments into the ScaleIO storage infrastructure.

By freeing users from EMC hardware, they are now able to build a vendor-agnostic infrastructure that meets their storage and processing needs for the future. They are also free to push their post warranty hardware back into service, without arbitrary OEM limitations. 

ScaleIO 2.0 is an important development for organizations needing to free themselves from the traditional hardware-defined infrastructure model. Using these new features it is possible to build a platform for the future that offers resilience, security and flexibility as standard. 

To learn more about how to extract additional value from your storage assets, and to prepare for a ScaleIO 2.0 deployment, please get in touch.

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