Is Brocade About to Breathe New Life into your EoSL Hardware?

Brocade Virtual Routers

Posted on Thursday, April 7, 2016

Virtual routing remains a fairly cutting edge concept – but one that is attracting plenty of industry attention. Products like Brocade's 5400 virtual router software are intended to provide the instant scalability that increased data demands place on your infrastructure. 

And as corporate IoT programs come online, the volume of data being pushed across the network will only continue to grow. Speed and availability of data will be essential to unlocking value from the vast amount of information generated by IoT sensors. Your business will also need the ability to filter and process intelligently at the edge to maintain availability of central systems and to prevent network overload.

Extending the network infrastructure to meet these demands using traditional tools will be costly – and possibly ineffective. The Brocade approach claims to allow businesses to deploy standard x86 servers to provide the necessary processing and routing, greatly reducing deployment costs.

Rather than buying costly switches and routers from an OEM, Brocade 5400 users can simply add additional, low cost x86 servers.

Yet another reprieve for EoSL hardware?

Obviously few x86 CPUs are currently capable of processing 10Gbe network traffic. However they are more than capable of handling lower speeds, offering potential application at the network edge, or for lower priority systems like data archiving. 

The logical conclusion of this approach would be to redeploy existing x86 based systems running the 5400 components as a way to deliver additional routing capabilities at minimal cost. In this way your business can continue to add capacity without additional capital spend, and to further reduce the total cost of ownership. 

Interestingly, the more that technology evolves, the more opportunities are created to extend the usable lifespan of your existing assets. To learn more about your options, and to obtain support and maintenance for your EoSL storage and networking assets, please give us a call.

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