Apple is the Latest Technology Company to go Private

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Posted on Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Reports have begun to surface suggesting that the world’s most valuable company, Apple, is to take all of its IT systems back in house. At the heart of this move is the wildly popular iCloud service, Apple’s own data synchronization and storage service. 

Currently Apple rely on a combination of Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services and, most recently, Google to provide the infrastructure behind their cloud services. However this looks set to change as Apple has entered talks with a Chinese server vendor to build their own network and infrastructure – codenamed McQueen. 

The start of something big?

A similar announcement by Cloud file storage specialist Dropbox sent shockwaves through the industry, especially as the move away from Amazon AWS was completed in almost total secrecy. And this latest news could do the same.

These activities suggest that the cloud is about to undergo another major evolution. We may be about to see large enterprises adopting their own private services, supported by custom-designed server and storage hardware to support it.

A need for greater control

Although hosted cloud services provide scalable resources to meet virtually any demand, the specialist infrastructure needs of data-driven businesses need even more control. And in the case of Dropbox and Apple, third party cloud services have been instrumental to growing new product lines.

However questions about cost, flexibility and even data sovereignty means that these businesses have effectively outgrown the public cloud.

And so it could be that many other businesses follow suit, using cloud services to scale up operations quickly. But if they start to encounter limitations, a move towards on-site private cloud may be the answer. 

For the CTO, the experiences of Apple and Dropbox could hold important lessons. It makes sense then to consider what your business will do once it begins to outgrow the one-size-fits-all approach of your current cloud provider just in case.

To learn more about using your existing storage hardware as part of an onsite, private cloud service, please get in touch.

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