Reasons to Consider Renewing Data Center Server and Storage Parts...

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Posted on Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Historically businesses replaced servers and storage every three to five years as workloads exceeded hardware capabilities. In the age of distributed computing platforms and cloud technologies however, the underlying computing power of individual devices is of less importance. Used as part of a pool of resources, older storage hardware is perfectly adequate for all but the most time and resource-intensive applications. 

The CTO can legitimately expect an array bought today to last well into 2025 – even if the OEM announces end of service life before then.

Businesses are still replacing their hardware

Despite increased potential lifespan, businesses are still replacing hardware. Not because they have reached capacity limits, but because underlying components fail. Without a steady supply of replacement components however, many assets are replaced long before the actual systems ceases to be of use.

And if OEMs refuse to provide support or parts, device owners could face costly outages or performance decreases while they try and source components independently. Any such spares are unlikely to carry a “proper” warranty, and may not even be OEM approved, potentially causing larger problems later on.

The importance of choosing a well-resourced support provider

For some businesses, it may seem that concerns about future spare parts availability means that the safest bet is to abide by the OEM’s defined upgrade path. And without the option of a well-resourced post warranty support partner, this is indeed a sensible choice.

Unlike other support and maintenance providers, CDS has one of the world’s most comprehensive OEM-approved spare parts inventories. CDS also maintains an extensive portfolio of official OEM post-warranty spares to ensure maximum continuity and uptime for customers reliant on older systems. 

To learn more about post warranty spare parts services, or to get help maximising value from your existing storage hardware assets, please get in touch.

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