New EMC Support for NFVI Technologies

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Posted on Monday, March 7, 2016

Tapping into the industry trend for increased virtualisation, EMC used the recent MWC conference in Barcelona to announce their new Network Functions Virtualization Infrastructure offerings. The new NVFI solutions are currently being targeted at service providers and telecommunications companies who are looking to technology to drive digital transformation programs.

Writing about the increased interest in NFV, EMC’s Telecom Transformation Technology Architect Anton Prenneis commented;

The primary drivers for this move to NFV are the desire to avoid supplier lock-in, reduce OPEX [operating expenses], and deploy new services in areas such as digital [and] media, mobile applications, and IoT.

Abstraction opens the door to re-use

EMC’s approach to NFV infrastructure is to provide a modular architecture that telecoms providers can adopt at their own rate. Components can be deployed as ‘building blocks’ allowing customers to tailor their virtual infrastructure to the specific business challenges they face. 

Although EMC support for the technology favours deployment of turnkey “VNF-in-a-box” units, the option remains for customers to build truly bespoke infrastructure if required. Perhaps more importantly still, further abstraction between application and hardware provides additional opportunities for businesses to extract maximum value from their assets.

Pooling storage and processing capabilities means that network services are no longer completely reliant on individual assets. Which means that older hardware can be pressed back into service to provide the necessary resources for a software-defined infrastructure.

The EMC NFVI “stumbling block” that will save you money

The only potential stumbling block your business may face when using post warranty hardware is in terms of support. Hardware declared end of service life (EoSL) is not protected under EMC support agreements; instead you will need a third party provider to assist with support and maintenance.

But with potential service cost reductions of between 40% and 70%, the incentives for reusing older EMC hardware as part of an NFVI strategy are even more compelling. To learn more about post-warranty EMC support services, please get in touch.

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