The Green Data Center - How Third Party Support helps meet your Green Targets

The green data center - hand supporting the world

Posted on Thursday, March 24, 2016

The recent Apple product reveal event opened, perhaps surprisingly, with a presentation on the company’s ongoing eco-friendly initiatives. As interesting as Liam the recycling robot may be, the video revealed an important truth – “green” policies are of increasing importance to businesses operating in the new, socially aware marketplace.

Regardless of the motives behind such programs, IT managers are under increasing pressure to improve the eco-friendliness of their processes. Fortunately, third party support services can help reach these targets.

Third party support providers reduce waste

OEM defined upgrade cycles often involve replacing storage long before it stops meeting your needs. Entering into a routine upgrade program also means that perfectly serviceable units are disposed of early, resulting in the creation of more waste – often in the form of landfill.

The more socially responsible option is to use viable storage assets for as long as possible, which is where the third party support provider comes in. OEMs will not willingly support EoSL hardware, and if they do, the associated contract will be lavishly expensive. 

A third party support provider will be able to extend the lifespan of your devices by up to five years – and possible reduce maintenance costs by as much as 40% below your existing pre-EoSL contract cost. 

Third party disposal is ‘cleaner’

When it does finally become time to dispose of storage assets, your corporate social responsibility guidelines will demand proof that certain standards are being upheld. Choosing a third party support provider to assist with the process outsources much of the responsibility for safe disposal of assets and their components.

A reputable provider will ensure that all toxic components are disposed of according to international best practices and guidelines, and that the entire process is documented. This then forms the proof demanded by your CSR charter, demonstrating that your organisation is taking its duties seriously.

Third party support providers make ideal partners for businesses keen to balance social responsibility with the the needs of the business. Not only can they help to reach green targets, but also help to deliver new cost savings in the process.

For more help and advice on how third party support provider CDS can assist with your eco-friendly goals, please get in touch.

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